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Union Affiliations:A.V.G.A, SAG Eligible



FSU Student Film   |     Don't Let The Sun Go Down    |    Pat Shafer    |    Vince 


USC Student Film   |    Masks   |   Mahaliyah Ayla O   |   Clubgoer


Entertainment Studios   |   The Verdict with Judge Hatchett   |   Will Sayre   |   Planitiff: Zachary Clark



Young Artists Forever   |   Scott Robbins and the Traveling Show  |   Carly Jean Paul   |   Bruno/Detective Hurtz   


PAM Theater   |   Judas Unicorn   |   Sam Wohl   |   Steve  


Rockwell Table and Stage  |  Scott Robbins and the Traveling Show   |  Tyler Tafolla   |   Bruno/Detective Hurtz


Hollywood Fringe Festival   |   Nights in Squirt City, Phukenberg   |  Jed Alexander   |   Chorus 1 (Lead)

Hollywood Fringe Festival   |  Jingle A Go-Go  |  Spencer Frankeberger  |  Jingles Past

AMDA College and Conservatory  |  Beauty and the Beast  |  Brooks Almy  |  Monsieur D'Arque

AMDA College and Conservatory  |  Government Inspector  |  Joel Bishoff  |  The Judge


AMDA College and Conservatory  |  Senior Showcase: Time to Fly   |  Richard Isreal  |  Various Roles

AMDA College and Conservatory  |  Roles and Readings: An Evening of Scenes  |  Nick DeGruccio  |   Stine (City of Angels)


Rockwell Table and Stage |  Authenticity and Bad-Assery  |  Kathryn Lousbery |  Featured Vocal Soloist

Los Angeles |  The "sinister" Soireé  |  Cade King |  Featured Vocal Soloist

Theme Park

Universal Studios Hollywood   |   Wizarding World of Harry Potter  |   Conductor (Face Character)

Universal Studios Hollywood   |   Halloween Horror Nights   |   Scareactor (2 seasons)

Training & Workshops

BFA Performing Arts - AMDA College and Conservatory of the Performing Arts

Musical Theater   |   Kirsten Chandler, Brooks Almy, John Znidarsic, Victoria Lavan, Nick Degruccio


Acting   |   Amanda Zarr, Serena Berne, Aubrey Deeker, Amanda Musso, William Mesnik


Dance   |   Tap: Troy Rintala, Cheryl Baxter, Jazz: Jimmy Kichler, Everth Lopez, Ballet: Kyle McHargh, Nancy Owen, Theater Dance: Troy Rintala, Wendy Rosoff

On-Camera   |   Nathan Chitayat, Keith Hedlund

Voice   |  Jason Robinson, Bobby Halvorson, Chris Neher, Deborah Ross-Sullivan

Voice Acting  |  Stu Levin

Screen Writing   |   Jason Chaet

Killian's Workshop - Foundations Workshop: Jenny Steadman

Special Skills

Singer (D2-Ab4), Flautist, Intermediate Pianist, Advanced sight singing, Music transposition, 

Conversational Spanish, Cartwheels.


Standard American Speech, British: Received Pronunciation, Cockney, New York: Puerto Rican, French, Russian,  Yorkshire

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